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Alma Law

How to bring modernity to the visual identity of a law firm?

The project

Areas of expertise

Visual identity 

Stationery shop
Web site
Signage and visual communication


Alma Law's brand seeks to bring a modern and minimalist look that represents the company's values. The reflected “M” and “W” seek to represent the idea of connection and empathy with associated customers
to a concept of modernity due to the typographic choice.

Alma Law is a law firm that guarantees the best results through integrated and transversal action that has the client and their challenges at the center of everything. Their innovation lies in the way they view legal issues, in the use of economic, accounting and other areas of law knowledge to deliver the best result they can produce in favor of their clients.

With this brief, we created a modern, minimalist visual identity and a website with excellent usability, which brings in one place all the information that clients might want to know about the office's operations. The headquarters signage created by our team makes the experience of this brand tangible in the space.

For internal signage, we proposed graphics applied to panels, bringing modernity and joy to the physical space. 



We can help you identify what your company or  product needs, choosing the best path to boost your brand with a lot of creative energy

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