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Bloco do Síndico

How to create engaging storytelling and a strong brand for a carnival block?

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The project

Bloco do Sindico is the street block for those who enjoy Brazilian music with a carnival rhythm.

Due to copyright issues with the use of Tim Maia's illustration in the old logo, we were hired to rebrand the brand. The main challenge was to incorporate the artist's inspirations, without making direct mention of him.


The archetype of the building manager, the history of the founding of the block (made by friends for friends), the lyrics of the music by the artists of the time and the fact that it is the last block to come out during Carnival in São Paulo were the inspirations for the positioning's mottos: "Call the manager!", "Our condominium is the street", "The key to the best street Carnival in São Paulo, in Itaim Bibi" and "I'll be waiting for you to see if you come".



Sindicão was incorporated into the logo. The typography is rounded and irregular to convey the joy, diversity and creativity present in the carnival festivities.

The key to the best street Carnival in São Paulo, at Itaim Bibi

You know that friend's house that everyone wants to go to: with good music, quality sound, cold drinks and endless entertainment? This is Bloco do Síndico: made by friends, for friends, providing an exclusive street Carnival experience in Itaim Bibi.

Here you can have fun listening to samba rock, soul & old-time funk, to the rhythm of our drums. Whoever comes there always has a new story to tell. Those who have been can't wait to go back!

And in our condominium, you call the Manager! He organizes the block, skips Carnival with our residents and doesn't let the party stop. And like any good property manager, he also takes care of the space we use, adopting practices with less environmental impact during the block's passage, to return the street to a clean place at the end of the festivities.

At the end of the day he is there in the greatest excitement, to end the party and close the São Paulo Carnival with a flourish!

Bloco do Síndico: I'll wait for you to see if you come


plank 7-09_edited.png

Illustrations were made with the concept of Brazilianness. They feature irregular lines that represent the creativity and “handmade” present in partygoers’ costumes.


The round graphic references the shape of Tim Maia's Black Power and the shape of carnival confetti.




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