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How to create a light and fun visual identity for an NGO that rescues dogs?

Areas of expertise

Visual identity

The project

Created close to the period of the Covid-19 pandemic in Florianópolis, Cãopartilhem was created to share and promote dogs that are up for adoption, regardless of who rescued them, helping rescued puppies find new permanent homes and contributing to reducing the number of stray animals and crowded shelters. When the rescue is carried out by the NGO, they offer the necessary care, such as veterinary treatment, food and temporary housing.

Our challenge was to create a new identity to convey more proftionalism to the project, gain visibility and add visual elements that reflect the brand's personality – light and fun –, even when dealing with a serious topic. 


The shapes of the logo are used to generate not only graphics, but also different icons and figures of a cheerful nature that seek to refer to the idea of “dogs” and “sharing”, and can be applied in different ways.

Impact of Cãopartilhem


Rescued animals

Temporary home

Since 2019, Cãopartilhem has been the temporary home of many animals, especially dogs.



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