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How to create a brand that reflects innovation and agility for a company that offers quality products

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CBAA, our client, is a specialist in asphalt paving products and offers different solutions that enable tailored applications for the needs of each project.

Aiming to clearly convey the brand's expertise and commitment, we developed, based on the existing logo, a visual identity specially designed to reflect the importance of paved roads, agility and innovation – the main differentiators present in the brand.

After revamping the identity, we were invited to support communication at different points of contact, whether in reviewing the website, institutional presentation, or even at the Paving Expo sales stand.


CBAA Essence

Offer the best experience when purchasing paving products


We are CBAA, a specialist in efficient solutions for the paving market.

With strategic action in the Brazilian territory, our team of consultants specifies the most suitable product for your project, ensuring agile delivery through the best transport and storage solutions for your project.

We bring innovation to reach wherever your work is. We use tanking and ferry transport systems to offer products ready for delivery, reaching challenging locations quickly. Furthermore, we created the CBAA Technological Center, which guarantees the high quality of what we offer and the development of innovative and sustainable products.

Your work is our priority. From service to delivery, we ensure the best experience for you.

CBAA: Agility and innovation in paving

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We can help you identify what your company or  product needs, choosing the best path to boost your brand with a lot of creative energy

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