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How to create a playful and tasty experience based on an engaging visual identity for consumers of a sweet shop?

Areas of expertise

Visual identity 
Signage and visual communication
Template for social media


Graphic materials

Architecture: Piano Piassi
Photography: DaLe photography

The project

Who doesn't like to eat that delicious sweet, especially cookies and brownies? Thinking about these moments, we developed a brand identity, packaging and signage with this concept, which gives a fun and relaxed look, reminiscent of the most enjoyable moments of the day.

With a new line of take-home products, Desserteria needed packaging that identified its products and also provided consumption instructions. We created playful strips that encourage consumption, make the experience delicious and serve as a closure for the marmitex. Furthermore, the delivery boxes covered with ordinary kraft on the outside hold a surprise when opened: their interior is vibrant and colorful, reflecting the relaxation and joy that the brand promotes.

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With delicious and original recipes for cookies and brownies, as well as zero-sugar dessert options, Desserteria brings more than simple consumption: it provides a fun and tasty experience for its consumers.

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Desserteria launched a new line of homemade products and needed packaging that identified the products and provided consumption instructions. As production is artisanal and in small quantities, the packaging should be easy to assemble, produced in small quantities and reflect the brand's visual identity, ensuring coherence for the product line.

The solution found for the challenge was to create a strip packaging system, which in addition to allowing the products to be branded, serves as a closure for the marmitex and is easy to handle. When opening the strip, the consumer can also clearly see the consumption instructions.

In addition to the strips, we developed a personalized box for delivery orders. The box is covered with common kraft on the outside, but it holds a surprise when opened: its interior is vibrant and colorful, reflecting the relaxation and joy that the brand promotes in its products. This approach seeks to delight the consumer, providing a unique experience when receiving the requested items.



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