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Global Growth

How to create a brand strategy and visual identity for a brand that creates inspiring marketing actions?

Areas of expertise

The project

Growth Global is an experience marketing consultancy that carries out activations, organizes events and manages communication for various brands. With a unique perspective, it proposes solutions that bring positive results to the perception of brands, through inspiring marketing actions.

Our challenge in this project was to develop a strategic positioning and visual identity that conveyed the entire essence of this brand. In addition, we created a functional website, which highlights the solutions offered by the company and positions itself in an objective and brief way.

Brand strategy

Visual identity


Institutional presentation

The brand

This brand is formed by a triangle that points upwards, referring to growth and engagement.

Positioning the triangle above the letter “T” causes a second arrow to appear that points forward, indicating the right direction for your customers.



We can help you identify what your company or  product needs, choosing the best path to boost your brand with a lot of creative energy

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