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How to develop the brand for a platform that makes real estate business easier and less bureaucratic for everyone involved?

Areas of expertise

Visual identity

Platform usability review
UX and UI

The project

Imoon is the first online platform for making and managing real estate deals made for developers, real estate agencies, independent and individual brokers and buyers.

One of the stages of the project we developed for Imoon, a real estate business manager, was the review of the entire experience (UX) of its online platform. To do this, we analyzed the usability of the original platform, creating the best navigability experience for real estate agents, brokers and buyers, and defining a more fluid and complete structure. In addition, we also reviewed the platform layout (UI).

The main objective ofthe new visual identity was to give the impression of security, ease and modernity to all personas. Therefore, we chose colors that contrast between warm (yellow) and tranquility (blue) and a graphic that symbolically translates beehives, the act of creating homes and multiplying spaces.


Online / Connection

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We can help you identify what your company or  product needs, choosing the best path to boost your brand with a lot of creative energy

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