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Mini Mimo

How to build a complete experience of a handcrafted children's party brand?

The project

Parties with a manual touch and that taste of childhood. This was the essence we defined for Mini Mimo and thus we created the brand to reflect its new moment!

Our team was hired to create the entire brand experience, from strategy, through visual identity to graphic materials.

What we did

Brand strategy

Visual identities

Stationery shop


Communication strategy

The brand

With a handwritten font, the brand refers to handmade, artisanal, care in each party created. The inverted accent at the end of the brand resembles a party hat while setting the tone for the celebration.

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Illustrations and graphics

With an organic and festive look, the illustrations created for the brand reflect the concept of "handmade" present in the products offered, in addition to referring to the children's universe.



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