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Pense Grande Digital

How to build an online platform that helps disseminate social entrepreneurship to low-income young people, expanding its reach throughout Brazil?

Areas of expertise

In-depth search

Usability testing

Voice tone
Verbal content
Platform architecture

Publicity campaign

The project

Pense Grande was a program from Fundação Telefônica Vivo that sought to disseminate social entrepreneurship to low-income young people. It already existed in a face-to-face version, with teachers who supported students on this journey.


Our challenge was to rethink this training for the digital environment, expanding its reach throughout Brazil.


We were responsible for analyzing existing training, mapping the learning needs of young people, focusing the language on the trainer to speak directly to the young person and inserting references that engaged the target audience, creating a unique experience in the digital environment.


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IF Design Award 2023

Awarded- Service Design category

Design for a Better World 2021

DFBW Award 2021

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Project steps

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Reviewing the offline to online course experience

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Survey of narrative hypotheses for gamification

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Asset 13_2x-8.png

Test to choose the theme and tone of voice

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Asset 5_2x-8.png

Structuring phases, content and activities

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Asset 13_2x-8.png

Concept testing and step content

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Final construction of the phases

Asset 13_2x-8.png

Definition of game rules and interaction

Asset 13_2x-8.png

Insertion of gamification elements

Asset 13_2x-8.png

Pilot test

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Asset 11_2x-8.png

Review of the structure for final adaptation

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Being Module

Asset 1_2x-8.png

Phase 1 
Who am I?

Asset 2_2x-8.png

Phase 2 

Asset 3_2x-8.png

Phase 3  
Thinking outside the box

Asset 4_2x-8.png

Phase 4 
Our community

Asset 5_2x-8.png

Phase 5
What is the challenge?

My module
social business

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Phase 1 
Creating the solution

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Phase 2 
Thinking about the network

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Phase 3
1 2 3 testing

Active 9_2x-8.png

Phase 4 
Final climb

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