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How to develop the brand for an urban planning office with a high repertoire in spatial and territorial data analysis, geographic reading and socioeconomic diagnoses?

The project

Urbyma is a brand we created for an urban planning and urban analysis office, focusing on sustainable proposals for physical spaces.

This concept of high value for the environment and the impacted population is transmitted from the brand strategy to the creation of the name, through the visual identity, to the graphics and colors, handpicked to present the integration between the environmental, the economic and the social.

Areas of expertise

Brand strategy


Visual identity

Institutional presentation

Web site

Social media

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We created one that united the "urban" with the intention of developing projects with a positive impact, hence the choice of the word "Yma", which from Tupi-Guarani means: land without evils.

We enhance urban development projects


Designing urban balance

We believe in urban development as a way to make cities more sustainable.

Our office brings a purposeful vision to projects, using
socio-environmental indicators to build strategies that promote social evolution, environmental regeneration and economic progress.


The deep knowledge we bring to the analysis of spatial and territorial data, geographic reading and socioeconomic studies, combined with our creativity, allows us to develop urban designs and territorial planning that maximize the existing dynamics in the territories and provoke new productive arrangements.

By promoting sustainable, we transform the urban.




We can help you identify what your company or  product needs, choosing the best path to boost your brand with a lot of creative energy

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