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So+ma advantages

How to reformulate the visual identity and communication materials of a startup that promotes the circular economy in practice? 

Areas of expertise

The project

so+ma is a startup with a program to encourage socio-environmental attitudes, using behavioral science and technology to promote the circular economy in practice!

so+ma arrived at Eólica with a super challenge: the brand needed to be completely reformulated, from the identity to the communication materials, from the container to the website.

Our team had the pleasure of undertaking this challenge of reviewing the visual identity, signage, stationery, social networks, communication materials, in addition to creating the new website.

For the visual identity, we adjusted the brand to improve readability and created supporting elements that made it more modern and closer to the value proposition.

Visual identity

Signage and visual communication

Stationery shop

Communication materials

Social media management

Web site

The brand

The typography chosen to compose the logo is Apertura. Its rounded shapes make the brand more friendly, transmitting trust and closeness. Already theThe new colors bring modernity and joy to the brand.


The “+” sign that makes up the logo was adopted as graphics. It can be used in line or filled, and can be replicated in different sizes to create various composition possibilities.

The rectangles obtaineds starting from the “+” sign can also be used as graphics.

Finally, to match the brand and provide more visual possibilities, organic shapes were also defined.




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