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Zagros Capital

How to create a brand for an investment fund manager that engages its investors?

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The project

Zagros Capital is an independent asset manager dedicated to managing real estate assets. In addition to this type of fund, it also operates in wealth management, consultancy and structuring projects in the real estate sector.


We were invited by the Zagros team at a time when the brand still had another name, was going through challenges in its image and needed a rebranding. Therefore, it was decided to review the brand strategy, naming, visual identity, website and all communication materials with investors, bringing greater transparency, security and solidity toyour image.

Today the brand is a success, serving more than 100 thousand investors and having more than R$2 billion in assets under management.

A typographic brand where the detail of the arrow in the letter Z brings personality and also solidity.

The Zagros symbol originates from the letter Z itself. Its shape generates authenticity and alludes to progress, generating the sign of an arrow.

The font chosen is Raleway, in Bold weight. Its sans serif characteristics convey modernity, innovation and security.


We are an investment and equity fund manager, with expertise in profitable and safe contracts.

Our structuring and management process starts with creativity in the search for assets. With a team with in-depth knowledge of the national real estate market and the laws that govern it, we propose innovative solutions to the challenges encountered. Therefore, we structure operations in an agile and legally solid way, to compose our fund portfolio.

We bring a new perspective to real estate investments, increasing the value of your assets


Zagros Essence

We seek the best risk-return for our investors, by structuring real estate investments with original solutions and legal solidity.



We can help you identify what your company or  product needs, choosing the best path to boost your brand with a lot of creative energy

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